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Full text of "Flora Indica Vol-I"

Talauma.}                         FLORA INDICA.                                   75

magno, carpellis subtetragonis argute rostratis diametro transversal!
lougitudinale excedeate, rfiachi profunde excavata, foveolis rotundatis,
HAS. In sylvis densis Sikkim exterioris subtropici, alt. 3-5000 ped.!
Aprili.) (v. 0.)

Arbor excelsa. Sami glabri, apice glaucescentes. folia coriacea, margine SUD-
sinuata, basin versas angustata, apice obtusa vel acuminata, utrinque glabra, (in sicco)
conspicue et crebre reticulata, 8-20 poll, longa, 4-9 lata, petiolo bipollicari. Areola,
stipuhiris petiolmu fere ccquans. Mores terminales, solitarii, pcdunculo brevi crasso
1-2-annula.to suffulti. Spatha valde deciduse. Sepala 3, ovalia, erassa, 3-polli-
caria, cxtos herbacca, apice et marginibus roseis. Petala, 6, ovalia, albida, 3 inte-
riora minora. Ovaria in capitulam ovatum stamina longe superans collecta, atylis
reflexis squarrosa. Fructus ovalis, 4-6 pollices longus. Carpella diam. transv.
fere pollicari, longit. l-|-pollicari, dorso irregulariter tuberculata, angulo supenore in
rostrum producto, serie inferiore basi etiam rostrata,

We gladly avail ourselves of this fine plant, to commemorate tne eminent services
of our friend B. H. Hodgson, Esq., of Dorjiling, to whose exertions the Natural His-
tory of the Himalaya is so much indebted.

2.  T. Rabaaiana (H.f. et T.) ; foliis lanceolatis, fructu magno,
carpellis elongatis obtuse rostratis diametro longitudinal! trausversale
excedente, rhachi leviter excavata, foveolis verfcicaliter elongatis sub-

HAB. In montibus Khasia, in sylvis densis prope Nunklow !  (Fl.
vere.) (v. v.)

Arbor excelsa, ramis glabris. Folia coriacea, utrinque glabcrrima, (in sicco) con-
spicue reticulata, 8-12 poll, longa, 2-4 lata, petiolo pollicari. Areola stipularis
petiolo ^ brevior. Pedunculi tenninales, solitarii, 1-2-annulati. Flores ignoti.
Jfyuctits ovalis, 4-6 pollices longus. Carpella, irregulariter obovata, dorso pustulis
minutis tuberculata, diam. transv. fere pollicari, longitudinal! 1 -^pollicari.

We found this large tree bearing ripe fruit in the month of October. As T. Hoclg-
soni, which ripens its fruit at the same season, flowers in early spring, this species
will probably be found to do so too. We propose to dedicate this and mother species
of the Order to Lieutenants Cave and Kaban, of the SiUiet Light Infantry, to whom
we are under great obligations for assistance in forwarding our pursuits while in the
Khasia mountains, and whose gardens at Churra show what skill and perseverance
may accomplish in overcoming the obstacles which an ungenial climate opposes to

3.  T. mutabilia (Blume, FL Jav. Magn. 85. t 10> 11, 12 B);
foliis ovalibus vel lanceolatis utrinque' acutis, fructu parvd, carpellis
mucrone brevi crasso recurvo instructis.  Manglietia Gandollei, Wall.
Cat. 6497 ! non JBfame.

a; foliis ovalibus utrinque acutis siibtus adpresse pilosis.

ft ; foliis ovali-oblongis acuminetis subtus puberulis.

y ; /foliis oblongis vel lanceolatis fere gkbris.
HAB. Penang, WaUJ Moulmein, T. IM!-- (t?. *.)

flrutex 6-10-pedalis, coriice ksvi fuaco. Folia 6-12 poll, longa, 2-4 iata, forma
adraodum vaxia, basi actrta, apice longe acuminata, coriacea, nitida, veuosa, saperne
gbbro. ftfioR 1-2-poUicarea, basi incrassati, cylindrici, sub^eniculatt. Mores tei* -
minales, solitarii, pedunculo'wasao anaulato sericeo vel subvilloso sufliilti. Sepala
8, crassa, late ovalia, convexa, viridescentia, 1-2 poll, longa. PeMla 6,